Our Mission


Our Mission

The Mission of Westerville Naz is to BE and MAKE Disciples of Christ.  

Our Vision is to be a multicultural people who reflect Christ through Praying and   Worshiping Continually, Discipling Daily; Always Surrendering to the Word of God.

Worshiping Continually - Many times we think that worship is only singing songs in church. Worship though, is not limited by location, format, time or even feelings. Instead, it is a lifestyle in which we worship God through our actions, words, and decisions. Continual worship includes a variety of expressions of obedience and gratitude to Christ's greatest commandment, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind."

Praying Continually - Prayer is the foundation and basis for all that we experience in our relationship with Christ. Like worship, prayer is not limited by location, format, time or feelings. Rather we are taught that every vital decision and activity of our lives should begin, exist, remain and end in prayer. As we go about our day we are able to both set aside time for prayer and to pray continually to our Heavenly Father.

Discipling Daily - Each person who claims Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is a disciple. Jesus mandated that each disciple go and make more disciples (Matthew 28). We challenge/encourage all disciples of Christ to daily be focused on the discipleship of others in various stages of their relationship with Christ. Each disciple has opportunities daily through work, school, family and hobbies to lead people to Christ and to encourage continued growth in the lives of those who already know Christ as Savior.

Always Surrendering to the Word of God - The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and contains all information necessary for salvation and to live a life pleasing to the Lord. We recognize that disciples of Christ must daily and even hourly decide if they will follow the Lord or the way of the world. Therefore we emphasis the constant need to surrender to the Word of God, to allow it to inform and guide us in our theology, morality and philosophies of life.  

Our History

Our History

The Westerville Church of the Nazarene was organized on March t, 1936 with 12 charter members.  The church was build of stones cut and set by hands of its laypeople.  During the construction, services were held in the basement until the ground level sanctuary was completed.  Attendance grew to nearly 100 by the completion in 1941.  

To fulfill years of vision and hard work, the congregation took a step of faith and purchased property on Cherrington Road. After a number of years, they completed construction of a new church facility on the site and by 1989 the congregation made the exodus from Park Street to the current site.

In 2002 the people of Westerville Nazarene took another leap of faith and began construction on the latest expansion project. The expansion (approx. 35,000 sq. ft.) nearly doubled the size of the facility and included a new worship center, office/classroom complex, kitchen, and restrooms. While not all of the new rooms have been completed at this time, we are confident that they will be according to God's timing and guidance.

Today, membership is over 400 and we are seeking to continue to reach the city of Westerville and surrounding communities for Christ.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs


We believe that God is the creator of all things. We believe that God is all loving, all knowing, and perfect in every way. We believe in one God who is everywhere at every time, and exists as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (commonly referred to as the Trinity).


We believe God walked among us 2,000 years ago as the man called Jesus of Nazareth. We believe Jesus was both God and man. We believe Jesus lived a perfect life, sacrificed himself, and then rose from the dead to provide a way for us to be with God in heaven.


We believe that the Holy Spirit draws people toward Jesus and challenges Christ-followers to live with godly character. The Spirit guides, instructs, and empowers us in our walk with God.


We believe the Bible is God's inspired Word and has all the answers to the questions, struggles, and choices we face in our lives. We believe we should regularly read, study, and obey the Bible, so we can learn about God, develop our faith, and grow in our relationship with Jesus. 


We believe that Jesus has chosen to use the church to spread His message. The Bible commands us to fulfill His mission of reaching out to those who do not know Him and His mission of helping everyone grow in their commitment and faith.


We believe that only those people who accept and trust in the work of Jesus can be saved. We believe Jesus will return again. He will call His followers to himself and He will judge those who have decided not to believe. We believe everyone will live eternally, at a place based upon his or her beliefs while alive. We do not have these convictions because we think we are better than anyone else, but simply because that is what the Bible teaches.


We believe that it is crucial for Christ-followers to grow in three specific areas: what we believe (knowledge), what we do (actions), and who we are (attitudes). No one is perfect in his or her spiritual maturity and we must constantly strive to grow into what God wants for us.

Church of the Nazarene

Church of the Nazarene